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YS YSDFL Foldable Diffuser Large

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A highly effective, portable, foldable diffuser that attaches to any hairdryer.

For achieving a natural - dried finish on wavy or curly hair
Hands down the best diffuser in the world! Not only does this diffuser fit onto any hairdryer, it is lightweight and compact design makes it perfect to throw in your kit bag ... it is no wonder this diffuser is popping up backstage at the big fashion shows worldwide.

How to use

Simply attach to the nozzle of your dryer and affix it using the elastic stap


Made in Japan
Large: 140mm (Width) x 160mm (Length) x 50-100mm (Width of Neck)
Retains the natural moisture of the hair whilst drying.
The mesh retains the heat allowing you to manage the heat into a softer manageable diffused heat whilst blowdrying.
Made with Silver and Titanium particles.
Adjustable strap which fits on any hairdryer.
Easy to fold and takes up little space.

YS YSDFL Foldable Diffuser Large