Soothing Hair Bath

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Sensitive scalp soothing bath for sensitised, red or irritated scalp. 

It soothes even the most sensitive skin, like that of children or those with sensitised scalps. Free from ethohylated surfactants and sulfates.
Ideal for frequent washing as it is extremely gentle and respectful of the scalp.
Olfactory bouquet: bergamot, fennel. The fresh, rich and precious notes of bergamot, the scent of citrus par excellence, are sweetened by the herbaceous sweetness of fennel, in a soothing, antiseptic and softening blend for the skin.

How to use

Apply to wet hair, massage in and rinse. Repeat if necessary. It can also be applied on dry hair, for an even more effective result.


Active Ingredients:
Organic Amaranth: Rich in minerals that give the hair substance and shine.
Biodynamic Fennel: Cleansing and detoxifying. It also encourages micro-circulation of the skin and has smoothing properties.
Ethical Mahogany: Antiseptic and astringent for the skin, invigorating and energising for the hair.
Ethical Teak: It strengthens hair structure. Anti-bacterial properties.

Soothing Hair Bath