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Hair Turban Towel

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An extra absorbent, soft microfibre towel that gently dries hair fast without friction.

The Iles Formula Haute Performance Hair Turban is an extra absorbent, luxuriously soft, microfibre towel that gently dries hair fast without friction, reducing static, frizz and breakage.
Generously sized with an elasticised edge and secure button to fit all head sizes.

How to use

Place on your head and wrap your hair inside the turban. Twist the end, fold it back towards your head and secure using the
button loop system.
The turban length has been enlarged to accommodate easily to those with extensions. This makes no difference to those with short hair, they can just create a few more turns in the twist.
A gentle hand or machine cycle with a touch of fabric conditioner is suggested to maintain the cashmere texture of the Turban Towel.

Made of

The Turban Towel is made from microfibre. We opted for this particular towelling for its fast absorbency of water. We tested it beside more sophisticated technical fabrics but found those towels scratched the hair surface of already damaged hair. Our microfibre has a very soft interior that almost feels like cashmere, it is very gentle on the hair shaft.

Hair Turban Towel
Hair Turban Towel