Freeway Defining Spray Gel

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To amplify or hold texture in curly hair and to create lift and definition for all other hair types.

Size: 198ml
For all speed and no obstacles use Freeway to amplify volume and bring control from root to tip. Perfect for curls, leaving them soft, bouncy, defined and never flaking.

How to use

Shake well and spray evenly onto damp hair. Let hair dry and then break into it with fingers. For all hair types: spray at the roots and blow out for volume at the crown and at the ends to define.


Sandalwood Wood Extract, increases shine and prevents dryness. Helps hair retain moisture and gives it a healthy shiny appearance.

Spirulina, a natural plant derivative that is rich in vital nutrients and high in protein. Nourishes hair and adds moisture.

Polymide-1 Polymer, a styling polymer previously only found in tubed gels, that has been aerosolised for the first time in Freeway. Provides superior style memory, volume creation, style definition, and a smooth/touchable hold.


Freeway Defining Spray Gel