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YS Park Chignon Clips

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A pack of 5 curved aluminium clips with high tension that will firmly hold larger or thicker sections of hair.

This mighty clip is the ideal choice for tinting or sectioning. These clips are NOT chemical resistant, so keep them out of cleaning solutions and avoid direct contact with hair colour

How to use

Gather the hair you wish to secure, holding some tension with your fingers.
Apply the clip at the place of finger tension to secure.


9.5cm long, made in Japan
Made from full aluminium body, the clips are strong and very lightweight
This clip has anodised coating (must be wiped immediately dry if in contact with chemical)
Stainless steel spring make this clips high performance and durable
Perfect when working with thick hair or creating up-styles
Curved clip body contours the scalp

YS Park Chignon Clips
YS Park Chignon Clips