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YS650 Round Brush

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The perfect extra-large round brush to create curl or straighten and control coarser hair textures.

From Japan, YS Park brushes are loved by hairdressers globally. The YS Park Carbon Tiger Hairbrush is the ultimate brush for shine, gloss and body. It has the highest range of bristles than any other YS Park brush, producing even tension throughout all your blowdrying styles. Whether you are creating a sleek straight look or luscious curl this brush is the ideal choice.

How to use

Allow 5cm clearance between the dryer nozzle and the brush to allow hot air to blast through the brush & circulate around the hair for effective drying without heat damage to the brush or hair. Failure to do so will burn the natural boar bristles.
Do not immerse or soak this brush in any liquid as it may cause the natural wood to crack.


Diameter: 67mm
Anti-static carbon coated natural wood.
100% natural black boar bristles with antibacterial nano silver pins for extra reinforcement.
Extra dense bristles for even more gloss and body.
Lightweight hollow wood core.
Oversized hexagonal handle and ergonomic design for extra grip and total control.
Slim neck for easy rotation.
7 different sizes available.

YS650 Round Brush