Oway, meaning Organic Way is a boutique haircare brand from Bologna, Italy that manufactures hair products containing biodynamic, organic and fair trade phyto-active ingredients in reusable, endlessly recyclable packaging.

Many of the ingredients are grown at Ortofficina, their farm covering 50,000 sq m in the Bologna Hills using the Biodynamic method based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. 

The plants are grown, harvested and distilled locally, transforming them into the essential oils, pure hydrolates and micronized active ingredients found in Oway products. 

Any ingredients not grown at Ortofficina are purchased from other local organic and biodynamic certified partners. The formulas are also enriched with butters, oils and exotic active ingredients rich in nutrients sourced from around the world. These are always purchased through fair trade circuits.

Oway formulations are packaged only in glass or aluminium which are the most suitable materials for preserving the botanical purity of the formulas as well as being endlessly recyclable.