12 Tips for Maintaining Coloured Hair

Colour Specialist Jannine Jones, shares some advice on how to maintain your colour between salon visits. What are the must-do’s?


1: Not washing your hair for a few days after a colour service will lock in the colour as it will continue to oxidise in the air.

2: Using tinted shampoos or conditioners that have your desired colour pigment in them will help the colour last longer.

3: Definitely use shampoo and conditioner that are Sulphate free for extra colour longevity. (Everything sold in this store is Sulphate free)

4: Using heat protectant when using hot tools will help protect against colour fade.

5: Definitely wear a hat when out in the sun as the top of your head is very prominently exposed.

6: When washing hair, avoid using very hot water temperatures. When rinsing out conditioner, set your temperature to as cool as you can tolerate. This will also assist with smoothness when drying.

7: Avoid chlorine wherever possible as the salt content opens up the outer layer of your hair.

8: Regular trims often re-energise the look of a colour and often help get you through that last period before your next colour.

9: Applying treatments and masques regularly help repair the inner structure of your hair and keep it in the best possible condition before your next colour service.

10: If you're active, make sure you use UV protectant haircare. This will help prevent the colour from fading.

11: Using dry shampoo on the second and third days after washing will refresh your hair without everyday. This will definitely help your colour to last longer.

12: If you're between visits and your roots are too visible for your liking, Root touch-up spray will disguise those roots especially if you have events or Zoom catch-ups on.