Your school education was mostly in the Steiner system. How did you find that?

SH I liked the individual learning and creative workings aspect of the Steiner system.

Do you think it was beneficial to you creatively?

SH Yes definitely, especially in art and wood tech classes; it made me think for myself and do my own work in a creative way.

One of your attributes is an attention to detail. Are you naturally that way or has hairdressing training focused that more?

SH I would say I am naturally that way, I noticed my attention to detail when I was a kid. If I know I can do something and want it to look a certain way I will put in the time and effort to create the best outcome. 

You have dedicated yourself to upskilling as a hairdresser for a long time now. When did you decide to choose it as a career?

SH When I first left school I had a job picking apples and it wasn’t that much fun. On the weekends I was cutting my friends hair for the fun of it  with some cheap pair of scissors with bad lighting so at that point I knew I would be getting into this industry. I got a full time job in a small salon in Hastings for a while and then moved to Auckland to begin study. 

What do you like most about hairdressing?

SH I love cutting and styling haircuts.  For me the best feeling for me is a re-style haircut and seeing the clients smile when they see the finished new look! 

What other creative fields are you interested in?

— Street photography 
— Street and tech wear fashion 
— Music
— Collecting and building Lego cars
— Street art
— Tattooing