Nicholas Macaulay

Nicholas Macaulay

A lover of geometric shapes and a keen student of fashion, Nicholas’s mastery of his craft is under-written by many years of experience and instinct for individuality.

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You’ve always loved fashion and style and really appreciate the theatricality of the total look.
- What has been your favourite era and why?

My favourite era at the moment is the 1970’s - rock music, peace, love, protest, gender fluidity and anti-authoritarianism all exploded throughout this time. As a result, fashion did the same thing, it goes from bohemian to disco to punk, who needs anything else? The 70’s also resurrected the beauty and style of the 30’s and 40’s. All these decades continue to inspire fashion today, but it is the contemporary that is the most important.

What else, outside of fashion has inspired you?

Art from the 20th and 21st century continue to be strong inspiration, as does music and in general the observation of human kind, the philosophies, politics and vagaries of our existence provide constant fascination and amusement.

Is doing hair an art-form?

The manipulation of hair has elements of art and craft, I see it most like sculpture, given a raw product that through your eye you sculpt and mould into a harmonious shape. This cannot be achieved in hair without human relationships, so it is probably performance art.

What’s your favourite iconic hairstyle and why?

My favourite iconic hairstyle would have to be a precision bob, or any strong precise cut. It is the sculptural quality of these looks that appeals to my eye and involves the client appreciating these lines. Within these ideas there are infinite possibilities.

Are some of the classic skills in hairdressing in danger of being lost?

Classic skills are exactly that, classic, as a result they are never lost, there is always someone who has done their research and is practicing these. Online resources are huge and only limited by the desire to learn. I believe in the simplicity of some of the classic skills; there is nothing more sublime than a beautiful razor cut.

Do you think that people think about their hair differently since Covid19 appeared?

Have people made big changes subsequent to this? Are people taking more risks with their hair?
Since Covid-19 appeared we have seen some people embrace their natural colour, but ultimately being involved in fashion and beauty is a luxury, it is about choice and people want to indulge themselves, now more than ever. We offer an indulgent escape and a transformative experience.

Has hair fashion changed as a result?

The world as a whole is at a turning point, all that has come before is available for inspiration, throw that in with the contemporary and something new manifests.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by the people I work with, the friends I have, the magazines and newspapers I read, the nature I experience, the colours I see, the forms that appear, the all of it all.

In recent times, what is the best…

‘Grace’ a memoir by Grace Coddington


- Meal you’ve eaten?
Any meal I have at home, courtesy of Teresa and sometimes me. Going out, can’t beat Gemmayze Street or Ahi


It’s about what you already have and repurposing.

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‘Chaise lounge’ by Wet Leg