Kat Kukhtenkova—Stylist

Kat Kukhtenkova—Stylist

Do you have any memories of going to the hairdresser back in your home country of Russia? What was it like? How different was it?

KK I left Moscow in 2008, around the time when the local industry had largely caught up with the standards and innovation of the United States and Europe The quality and customer service at some of the flagship salons, often celebrity-owned, was excellent. However, I do remember what came before that. My parents would take me to the local salon and since the retail was state-owned, the experience was somewhat similar to going to the dentist. Not as painful, of course, but you had as much service and say in how you wanted things done!

What drew you towards a hairdressing career?

KK A desire to explore something I had not tried before.

You make lots of your own clothes so you are clearly a very craft-orientated person who is skilled with their hands.  How do you imagine a new piece of clothing? 

KK I usually start by picking the fabric. This usually gives me a good idea of what garment would bring this particular texture or colour to life.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

KK Just about everything I see around me, especially everyday people I see on the streets or in the movies.

Do you find a pattern or make one?

KK Both—I do use a lot of patterns but I often combine them to make something entirely different.

What else have you made?

KK I have also made soft toys. Mostly for my kids, but I do sell them every now and then at our local crafts market.

Do you have any other hobbies?

KK Other than reading and TV—spending time with my family.

What part of hairdressing do you like the most?

KK I seem to be going through stages. I really enjoyed colouring the most at the beginning. Once I got good at it, my interest shifted more towards styling. Now I’m loving cutting and shaping hair.