Kaeya Henderson - Stylist

Kaeya Henderson - Stylist

Enjoying everything from bold colour changes and keratin smoothing through to complete re-styles, Kaeya imbues a beautiful softness and versatility in her work.

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You’re someone who is always making something with your hands, whether it be handcrafts, knitting or cooking. Being so dextrous and tactile is a real advantage as a hairdresser. Was it a natural step for you to become one?

KH Yes , I feel like the moment I got into it I knew it was where I belonged. With it being an ever evolving industry with constant trend changes to keep up with there is never a dull moment; with this comes growth. I really do enjoy making other people’s visions a reality.

Often you are doing bold colour changes. Are people being more adventurous as a result of their Covid experiences?

KH I do feel like people aren’t shying away so much from more drastic colour changes; life’s too short not to have bold hair.

What are your 3 most essential styling products and why?

KH Iles Formula, because it can be applied to wet and dry hair, it has silk proteins in it to make your hair shiny and it smoothes the hair.

R+Co Chiffon Mousse, a flexible lightweight product that helps hold In the style without weighing the hair down.

R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo helps minimise oily hair for in between washes and leaves no residue.

Would you say that a connection to nature is a strong part of your being? Does that influence your personal creativity?

KH Yes I do, I feel it helps me recharge and helps me remove distractions, I feel as though having been in nature it boosts my mood, which gets me prepared for anything that comes my way

Can you share some advice for taking care of your tresses in Summer?

KH I find over summer I’m at the beach a lot, therefore in sea water, so I like to take my O&M frizzy logic oil to the beach, apply it to my hair after I have been in the water and it helps to keep it moisturised.

What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned this year?

KH Everything can change overnight.

Who or what inspires you?

KH People who aren’t afraid to be themselves, this inspires me to also be myself and not worry about what others think.

In recent times, what is the best…

The Darwin awards

The incredible journey

Gilmore girls

Pumpkin and celery soup

Maison Mageila - by the fire place perfume

Social media

You are my high - DJ Snake