Brooke Perreau - Advanced Stylist & Colour Specialist

Brooke Perreau - Advanced Stylist & Colour Specialist

Brooke’s strong expertise in colour—especially blonding—is shown in her holistic approach, which pairs technical expertise through colour transitions with personalised aftercare prescriptions to keep hair in ideal condition.

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You achieved an amazing technical level in colour so early in your career. What drew you to the colour side of things?

BP I really enjoyed the technicality of colouring and the instant results that it would give me. It's also another great way to change the shape and style of someones hair without actually having to cut it; I'm able to create shadows and brightness and bring out certain tones in people skin. Its also just super fun and creative.

We now achieve amazing performance with new-gen colour like O & M which uses no ammonia or PPD. How important is it to you to work with colour that is not only high-performing but is safer on your clients?

BP Since working with O & M it has become extremely important to me to work with safer hair colour. Not only for my clients but for myself as well. It's also great to see that I can achieve the results that I need without having to use the harmful chemicals that come in some other colour brands.

Where do you see hair colour in another 10 years? Will some existing technical barriers be broken through?

BP Hair colouring techniques are ever evolving, we are always perfecting techniques and adding twists to old techniques so that we are able to manipulate the hair to get the perfect results. It's something that you are constantly learning and up-skilling yourself for.

You’re a strong believer in using technical tools such as bond repairers when you colour. How important is your prescribed take-home haircare to extending the life and vitality of your colour work?

BP This is super important to me when it comes to taking care of your hair. If you are wanting the best results out of your hair colour then using what your hair stylist has prescribed for you is very important. Bond repairers such as Olaplex also play a huge part in getting you the results in your hair colour that you desire, I typically recommend these things because I want to retain the health of your hair while being able to get you closer to that super blonde hair you’ve always wanted.

How would you describe your work-style as a colourist?

BP I really love doing natural blondes, so working with the hair where it would naturally develop lightness eg: the ends of the hair and around the face. Anything that would enhance the natural colour of your hair really! I do also love doing bolder blonde looks where its more obvious that you’ve had your hair coloured.

As a colourist what gives you the most satisfaction?

BP When a client of mine comes back to me and tells me that they’ve received lots of compliments on their hair colour. I love that!

Can you share some advice for anyone considering a big colour change?

BP Be patient. It can take time, especially for those that have naturally darker hair or have previously coloured it. Using great hair care at home is also vital if you’re wanting a big change’, you want to take care of your investment!

What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned in the last year?

BP To take things a little slower. Certain things take time and it's important to be patient.

Who or what inspires you?

BP I find inspiration in a lot of things around me, it can just be someone walking past me and I like their hair or the way they style themselves. TV shows and movies are also great inspiration for hair colour and styles.

In recent times, what is the best….

I haven’t been listening to many podcasts lately, but I was listening to ‘Stuff You Should Know’ and I loved that.


‘Sapiens a brief bistory of humankind’ by Yuval Noah

Derry Girls

Anything from Depot


Coffee machine

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You Cant Always Get What You Want – Rolling Stones

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