Benjamin James—Advanced Stylist

Benjamin James—Advanced Stylist

An all-round stylist and curl specialist with an absolute passion for editorial styling, Ben is frequently found behind the scenes at fashion shoots and runway shows.

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How do you come up with new ideas for your work?

BJ I'll see something that I want to put my iteration on and develop the idea in my head until its ready for the real world.

So how would you describe hair fashion at the moment?

BJ Hair fashion right now is everywhere; everything is acceptable. Shows are doing anything from tight constricted hair to enormous over the top french rolls and both are amazing. Consumer style at the moment is very much the same; long floaty locks to very controlled bobs and again, both are beautiful.

Do you spend a lot of time researching ideas and where do they come from?

BJ I spend time online or in magazines searching for things I like, from there I will start a process of working out what is possible and how to achieve it.

What is the one tool in your kit that you couldn’t live without and why?

BJ I think the blow dryer is my most valuable tool, it helps animate hair into spaces that natural drying can't.

Is perfection possible with hair?

BJ I think there is perfection in imperfection—Wabi sabi. (as long as intent has been applied.)

Do you think of hair like it is a fabric?

BJ I see hair more as an extension of a character.

What is “good hair”?

BJ Firstly, “Good hair” is super subjective. Hair that makes its owner feel great about themselves is good hair. Secondly I believe there are elements that make “Good hair” stand out. Skills, taste and intention help make hair look good.

Recent work

  • Editorial

  • Editorial

  • For Ryder using Sylvain le Hen hair accessories

How would you describe your personal vibe with hair?

BP I love hair that looks like I haven't touched and “happened” to look that good

Do the possibilities with hair feel infinite or have most things already been done before?

BP 100% infinite.

How would you compare the hair tools that were available 20 years ago to what we have now?

BP Technology has progressed so far in 20 years and that has applied to hair tools as well.

How has this change affected the way we style hair?

BP I think now we look after the hair so much more, heat tools are designed to not over process the hair, products are also protecting hair making our style last and keeping the hair in optimum condition.

Can you share some advice for anyone with curly hair?

BP Find someone you trust to help you with your hair journey.

Who or what inspires you?

BP Being busy inspires me, I find it really hard to be doing nothing. Staying busy keeps me inspired.

In recent times, what is the best…

Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory

The Ripcurl story—Tim Baker

Jake Ryan on Amazon Prime

My wife and I make a real wholesome Potato, Leek soup.

Gosh too much at the moment to chose.

Social media
I get carried away on IG so I follow 4000+ accounts.

A.P.I.D.T.A—Jay Electronica