Where did you grow up?

AX I grew up in China and lived in Beijing before moving to New Zealand.

You love fashion and style in general. How and when did this develop for you? Did you study art at school?

AX I have always loved expressing myself through art, fashion, and style since I was very young. That's probably why I chose to study dance professionally. After obtaining my bachelor's degree in dance, I decided to move to New Zealand and continue pursuing my passion for art through a different pathway.

You have recently become an educator for one of our favourite luxury haircare brands stocked at Ryder – Oribe. What is it about Oribe that you love so much?

AX Oribe defines luxury in hair care. Their high-performance products are crafted with the finest ingredients, and the fragrance is simply beautiful. I absolutely adore everything about Oribe! Not only does it enhance the look and feel of your hair, it also makes it incredibly manageable. A little product goes a long way, thanks to its exceptional quality ingredients. With a wide range of products suitable for all hair types, Oribe has been a supporter of many brands at the Big Four fashion weeks for years. I could talk endlessly about how amazing it is, but you'll truly understand once you experience the products for yourself!

Your partner Anna is a hairdresser also and you sometimes work as a team on creative projects like shoots under the name @aneracreative. Is it challenging working with your partner? Do you always agree on creative direction?

AX It's actually really pleasant to work with Anna as we share a similar mindset and are familiar with each other's work style. There were times when we didn't agree on the creative direction as our aesthetics can be slightly different, but communication is key!

You also do makeup. Most people specialize in either hair or makeup. Is it challenging to switch between them on a shoot?

AX I enjoy doing both makeup and hair on a shoot, so I can put the look together by myself. The pace on set can be fast, but I am used to it from working in the salon. I guess the only downside would be having to bring a lot more tools and products with me.

How would you describe your style as a hairdresser? What would you describe as good hair? What sort of hair do you love doing?

AX I am passionate about fashion and style, so I always take into consideration my clients' facial features and what they wear. I enjoy creating lived-in colours and cuts that look natural and luxury. The condition of my clients' hair is my top priority, as I believe that good hair should be healthy and complement their lifestyle.

Do you think about hair in your dreams?

AX I rarely dream when I sleep, but there was this one time I had a dream about doing someone's hair on a plane, which was kind of interesting.

What do you do to switch off when not working?

AX I enjoy browsing through clothing stores, searching for good Asian cuisine, and freestyle dancing.

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