Vivyfying Remedy Sensitive Scalp

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A revitalising scalp treatment specially to help stimulate sensitive scalps.

Size: 100ml
Promotes new hair growth, naturally
Prevents hair loss by strengthening the hair bulb
Moisturises and protects sensitive scalps from discomfort
Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity
Cruelty-Free + Vegan

Best for: Hair loss

Result: It increases the hair structure and encourages regrowth.

How to use

Shake before use. Spray onto clean scalp. Massage. Do not rinse.


Buddleja Davidii Plant Stem Cells help to reproduce hair follicle cells at the source.
Dynagen is an active ingredient derived from yeast that increases the hair's keratin and collagen levels for stronger, more resilient hair.
Hair Spa Complex™ uses Lacitlol and Xylitol to moisturize and create a healthy scalp ecosystem to promote hair growth.
Ethical Green Coffee is rich in polyphenols and tannins that inhibit the production of 5-a reductase, an enzyme responsible for hair thinning.

Vivyfying Remedy Sensitive Scalp